Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving plans

A funny thing happened while shopping this past Saturday. While we were at our last stop we bumped into my sister in law;/Bob's sister /Nick's favorite Aunt, and we were able to wait in the check out line together and chat. Then we discovered that we were parked next to each other, and continued to chat while loading up our cars. My foot had been cramping up all morning, which often means I have to take a little more care to shift my weight on it or bad things happen. I did not pay attention, took a step and fell in such a manner as to bend my knee in a fashion that had me laying on my foot and lower leg. In the middle of a parking lot, and my group came over concerned as well as every other person in the parking lot to see if I was alright. I think the worse thing about falling is the embarrassment over suddenly being the center of attention, and having everyone want to help but feel powerless about what to do. My leg went numb( never a good sign) , I assured everyone that I was not dying and I crawled to the car door to pull myself up. ( my muscles have gotten so bad through the weight loss attempt that I need the aid of something stable to pull myself up from the floor or the ground. This was not the case before weight loss ). We drove home, and in the parking lot I discovered that I could not walk without the aid of something. Another really not good sign. Then when I got in the apartment I started to feel really sick to my stomach ( a sign of shock that happens when you do a serious injury), and needed lots of pain pills, ice, heat and aid of an office chair on wheels to get anywhere. I could not bend my knee without blinding pain.

No, I did not go to the ER to get it checked. I did not feel anything was broken , but either sprained or hyper extended, and nothing but time was going to make this heal. The guys have pitched in to a very high degree to "be mom" , and it is 4 days into the healing process and it is getting better, but I still need the chair. I am getting closer to bending my leg, but till that happens I cannot take a shower or a bath ( it's in a tub and not an enclosure) , so sponge baths are the order of the day. Sponge baths get you clean, but they certainly are not showers ! For these reasons and more, we have decided not to join my family for Thanksgiving. And for these reasons and more Thanksgiving is going to have to be a cooperative effort.

Bad thing is I will miss one of the few opportunities I have to see my family anymore. Good thing is that it gives us an opportunity to prepare yet another meal using real, honest, nourishing foods. No fat free, sugar free, highly refined foods- and it is reminding me of a lot of the meals my grandmother would make for holidays. Nick, who is a recipe junkie, has had a blast helping figure out what we will make. Even Bob has decided to investigate some recipes put out through Martha Stewart's radio program. Different, but a lot of fun !

Slowly I am healing and the swelling is going down. Slowly I am losing the "diet " mentality and embracing real, legitimate food with greater satisfaction. And I am noticing my rings are looser and my face is looking a little thinner. Progress in many directions !


Baby Stepping said...

I'm so glad there is good to be found in all that has happened to you. I hope you, Nick, and Bob have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the support of people like you in this journey!!


Jane said...

I just found your blog, and I enjoyed reading your posts. We are such a support to one another out here in "Blogland." I will be back and following you.

spunkysuzi said...

"hugs" I hope the leg feels better soon!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)