Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sleepy, Groggy and another Dwarf

Yesterday, after a morning of grocery shopping/errands/laundry/household chores, Bob and I sat, looked at each other, and mutually announced we were tired !. The kind of tired that makes people dash off to bed because of an overpowering need to grab a nap. This was sort of annoying, considering for the last few evenings we have both been ready to go to bed at 7 pm. Sure, older people turn in earlier, but this is ridiculous !

I stretched, I yawned, I wiggled about , and then I realized what well might be the reason. Low carb eating often makes people feel very tired at first ! Carbohydrates, be they simple or complex, convert to a form of sugar in the body , and sugar is used for quick fuel. When you cut way back on this and up your fat and protein intake in its place, your body takes a little while to switch over. The result, for some is a temporary feeling of exhaustion , as your body learns to burn something other than sugars for fuel . That other something is fat, and when it gets the hang of it, it begins to consume itself. It sounds drastic, but this is exactly what weight loss is - utilizing those surplus stores in the body.

I am taking this as a good sign. Between the yawns and longing glances at my comfy bed that is !


blessedmama said...

Hi, Di! Oh, man, I've been going to bed so early lately, sometimes around 8pm. My family looks at me like I'm crazy, but the bed calls. Now I'm wondering if it's carb related...hmm. So, I have a friend that reminds me of you, and she just restarted up her blog. You both are such neat, funny ladies. I just love coming to your blog; sometimes I don't have time to comment, but I lurk often. :-)

Baby Stepping said...

I think the change in seasons also affects our energy levels. I am so sleepy today!