Monday, November 8, 2010

Gonna make you sweat !!

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Not only words to a great so by The Byrds and inspired by a passage i The Bible, but true of everything in life. Spring waltzes in with warm days and brings beautiful flowers. The sun gains strength and we linger outside in the summer days enjoying all of nature, and then nature gifts us with a spectacular color show ad cooler temperatures. Then comes the cold and we all think about long winters naps. For women, the rhythm of change seem to be a constant one, through the system that allows us to carry and nurture new life, but withing that constant comes bigger changes. Sweet little girls become moody, boy crazy whirlwinds of music, clothes and roller coaster rides of emotions. This drifts into glowing women with rounded bellies , full breasts and a lot of nausea. That life experience changes us physically and emotionally , and we kind of get complacent about  it. Mother Nature sits back, laughs and gets ready to be entertained by the greatest change of all, which kind of sneaks up on you . One day you start to notice that your skin and hair do not look as vibrant as they did at one time. You seem to have less tolerance and energy for things that you could do all day long. Foods that you have eaten all your life start to affect you differently, you develop odd sorts of aches and pains, your mind starts dwelling on irrational sorts of things and you encourage Prince Charming to go find some hobbies so you can have some peace and quiet. Yes ladies, you are entering the jungle  known as Menopause !

A lot of horror stories are spoken about this time of life, and little seems to be said about some of the more humorous affects. Such as night sweats ! They are an amazing thing. You go to bed in a comfy nightgown with the temperature and pillows adjusted to your comfort, drift into a good sleep and wake up to find yourself soaked from your own sweat. Sometimes  it can require the change of nightclothes and bedding. If you happen to sleep spooning your partner, they will need a change as well. It makes me laugh - and yet it seems to be a kind of sweat that does not bring weight loss. For strange reasons, no matter how hard I exercise I do not sweat. But put me to sleep these days and I can sweat buckets just by breathing ! There are reasons why this happens in menopausal women and several have chosen HRT to deal with this. Personally I am forgoing that route and simply laughing at my bodies changing landscape.

My question is  , with my body going through this greater metamorphosis, how realistic is it to expect it to lose weight through this as well ?

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spunkysuzi said...

I should be starting that any day now!! Things to look forward to :)