Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wii whine

I really know better than to weigh myself every day. I really, really do . I know the human body can fluctuate in weight as much as 4 pounds in a day for assorted reasons. Normally i restrict myself from stepping on the scale more than once a week, same time, same place and in same clothing.

Enter the Wii Fit, which has a body test function . It weighs you every day , like it or not. It also calculates your BMI each day, and if you do the extended test, it will give youir body age. On a good day, these will come out as a loss of weight and being less than your calander age. In truth is, these fluctuate as well- if you are tired your core muscles get weak and you are less stable. You can suddenly be 20 years older, or at least have that state of physical condition.

I do other forms of exercise, mainly walking and riding my stationary bike. I am the mom of this losing family, and have to act as weight loss buddies to both the guys. Boy and i are great walking buddies. The husband and I do Wii fi together in the evenings( boy is still too heavy for the board), and I ride the bike for myself. With my last serious weight loss journey it proved to be the most effective exercise. I wind up having a great day , till I step on the Wii fit and it tells me I am older and fatter. Gee thanks ! Yesterday it said I had gained 6 pounds since Saturdays weigh in and I was 10 years older than my cronological age. Then, to add insult to injury, after punching in the info for the rest of my daily exercise, it told me I needed to take a break after 6 minutes. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper !

Yesterday- pointe allowed 29- points used 29
65 minutes of exercise
all health goals met

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