Monday, September 29, 2008

A walk and a wardrobe change

We went for another walk in the woods yesterday. The colors of the fall wildflowers are so pretty ! it is almost as if they are trying to compete with the leaves that are soon to show their riot of colors here. Walking on trails is more difficult than a treadmill because of the unstable terrain, but there is always something wonderful to catch your eye and distract you from the grumblings of your muscles. I love it ! Before our son was born and we began the journey of parenting an autistic child, we would do a lot more walking. We even took several walking architectural tours on the weekends for fun. However, after our son was born and sensory challenges entered our lives, it became difficult to do many things. We are finally geting on our feet it seems. I can relate to the Red Team in this years Biggest Loser show- I fully understand how they got into the shape they are in !

There are three of us losing weight, and therefor 3 of us needing new clothes. Slowly we are replacing some items, but to help prolong the need to take a serious financial hit, we are playing hand me up/down/sideways. Yesterday we each went into our closets to find things that were too big and passed them around till they found a body that fit them. Great reason to wear unisex clothes like sweats and tee shirts ! It will buy us a little more time till the inevitable big shopping trip. I do not want to invest a lot because these will also be transitional clothes. I would rather save the big bucks for when we reach goal- which will also serve as an incentive to maintain that weight loss !

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