Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two good days

Two good days in a row !!!

We took our second morning outside walk today, and it was just so awesome ! We have lived in this place for almost 5 years , and not once have we stepped out to really explore the terrain. I have no excuses outside of being lazy and letting my arthritis get in the way. i am so very tired of letting pain and stiffness prevent me from really living. I used to love going for hikes in the woods when I was growing up. Time does not always allow for the opportunity to walk in the woods, but darn it, there is no reason to avoid walking outside !

The boy is my walking partner, and as long as he has his MP3 player, he is a happy camper. His style is not so much walking as happilly dancing and walking wherever we go. it is really funny to watch, and proves to be a great distraction to any discomfort I may be feeling. It is hard to grumble about a walk with Mr Happy Boy spreading sunshine everywhere he goes. I think we amuse the squirrels as we go .

I have set a personal goal to reach the 200 pound mark by years end. That will be something I have not seen since first grade ! I am currently hovering at 233, so I belive this is a realistic goal.11 pounds per month is a very reasonable goal.

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