Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Staying on program in lean times

I have discovered something important. When we get low on groceries, I get stressed. If I get stressed, I am susceptible to making really bad food choices. Because of pay period timing, we did not do our usual grocery shopping pass on the weekend, and suddenly we are out of fresh fruit and salad makings. Funny thing is, before we began this journey there were weeks when I did not buy fresh veggies at all outside of onions, and felt like we were safe and secure. Now, fresh fruit and veggies seem to be the cornerstone of our eating, and having things run out is scary. It will be remedied tonight with a stop at the store, but it has served as a learning experience.I combated the stress with some extra time on my stationary bike.If mom keeps a cool head, everyone else will follow suit.

It would be nice to live in a world where you would always be assured of a full crisper drawer every day, but it is not reality. We all have periods of temporary lean times for a lot of reasons. I had considered this last spring and I began to stock up on some healthy staples. Glad I did , because had I neglected to do so , this pay period weirdness would have been a disaster. So what things do I keep in stock ?

Dried fruit ( not WW Core plan food, but it will ensure you at least get the vitamins and minerals in fruit)
canned tomatoes
canned beans
canned corn
canned tuna
canned chicken
canned solid pack pumpkin
Healthy Choice soup
whole wheat pasta
brown rice
dried beans
spaghetti sauce
whole wheat flour
milk powder
green tea
instant coffee
tofu in cartons
microwave popcorn
sugar free jello
Fiber One Bars
Snack Pack Pudding

The last two are fun foods, that act like comfort foods, yet in manageable portions. It's not a list that everyone should use, and it is not perfect by any means. The sodium in canned veggies is quite high, but it will at least allow you to throw together a meal with some vegetables in it. Combine the tomatoes, black beans, pumpkin and whatever dribs and drabs of meat you have on hand and you can at least make a healthy, nutrient dense emergency chili sort of dish.

Now I am wondering if i could grow an indoor fruit tree and perhaps a dishpan of lettuce on the winddowsill to have just in case.

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