Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oven vs Pizza- a public service announcment on how to overcome

Here is something for your consideration. Ignoring the fact that you have a temperamental oven, you decide to make  pizza from scratch. You make your dough from scratch, sauce from scratch, prepare and pre-cook the veggies, roll the crust out, top it and turn your oven on, only to discover this is a day it has decided not to work. Crestfallen, you toss the unborn pizza into the trash because there is no room in the freezer. You then call the repair people who show up the next day, at which time your oven works perfectly . You apologize, fearing that they will suspect you are a crazy person because this is the third such call you have made for the same oven with the same results, and unless it happens when they are present, nothing will be done except offer guidance to "keep an eye on it". So , the weekend rolls around again , you plan yet another pizza, and failure to ignite happens again. This time you are hungry, mad at the oven, frustrated, and something deep inside you is awakened. It is the stuff that bore Xena and all other powerful women you have heard about. Your thinking cap goes on, you rationalize that it is simply a matter of heat application, and the following is born

Rotoli con cipolle grigliate e mozzarella
( Caramelized onion and mozzarella rolls)

Make a pizza with your choice of toppings- this one was potato, caramelized onion and mozzarella) and roll it up jelly roll fashion. Slice into rolls about 2 inches thick. In a large skillet pour olive oil ( about an inch)and place on medium heat.Place the rolls in, cooking about 6 minutes per side with the cover on. Serve.

These were very, very tasty ! The cheese begins to ooze out of the bottom and brown, but this does not detract from the flavor at all. It was a real joy to salvage a meal  that could have been lost  due to appliance failure. I just might make these again, but use some other toppings that would stay put better. Such things are handy knowledge to have and pass along.

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