Friday, December 24, 2010


Yesterday was nothing new or interesting food wise, mainly because we were celebrating Festivus ( the Seinfeild inspired holiday). Yes there is supposed to be a big meal , but it was never specified what that meal was, so we just made a pizza.  The important aspects were covered :

The Festivus Pole - ideally should be aluminum but we did not have access to one. The pole is an important symbol of the holiday so we created one out of a bamboo skewer and Bendaroos. We spent the day in the expression of feats of skill ( like this constructed the day before ) :

The airing of Grievances ( which included complaints that our fridge does not have elastic walls, not pictured) , the giving of major awards

And finally the wrestling of the head of the house to the ground. Well, almost !

It was a great Festivus for the Rest of Us !