Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Math problem

If you live in a family of 3 and make a cake that divides into 16 servings, what does this mean ?

It means you will have enough servings of cake ( 1 per day per person) to last 5 days and then wonder what to do with the remaining piece on the 6th day. While thinking of what to do, you will begin to wonder why you even made the thing in the first place, if you can freeze the last piece, and then wonder how far in advance you would have to defrost it for someone's snack time. Then you realize that if you do this for 3 weeks you will wind up with 3 pieces in the freezer, which makes an extra snack for one day. Then you begin to consider the debate on who gets what flavor and wonder how to label these in order to facilitate said debate.

Same applies to muffins, but for 4 days with no leftovers.

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