Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lesson in the making

You want to know what is the best thing about being bad ? You can learn a whole lot from it ! At least I belive that we indeed learned something valuable out of yesterday's "bacchanal" .

The day began at home with a sensible breakfast of egg beaters with veggies and bacon. Everybody liked it , and it has become one pf mine and Nick's favorite things to eat in the morning. The plan was to head out to the pumpkin farm, buy a caramel apple or two, wander around some woods and eat lunch out. I was feeling like a bottomless pit who had been deprived of all good things for a lifetime and a half, Bob was feeling like a college kid on spring break and Nick was feeling amused that his parents were coming close to being reckless. We drove through some country roads to soak up the colors and smells of the season, and headed out to the pumpkin farm. Or shall I call it the country bakery /candy/farmstand that  sells candy, honey, baked goods and pumpkins ?
You know the places ! During much of the year they exist and silently grow things like corn, tomatoes, peppers and squash, but come September 22 they drag out all the stops and do everything to increase sales during the fall seasons. Cannot blame them- most people do not get excited about tomatoes and cucumbers, but combine anything Halloween with baked goods, and they come running ! These places sell caramel apples that are a ticket for a dentist to get enough buisness to buy a yacht and a quick trip to listening to Wilford Brimley commercials. We wanted one, and when we walked into the shop the smell of doughnuts, fudge and muffins convinced us we wanted a lot of other bad things. We lest with our purchases and hit a buffet for lunch, where we made some pretty bad choices. Reason was deep hunger from smelling all the treats. I ate a fried chicken wing and learned that my stomach does not like fried food  at all any more. Add a chocolate cupcake to that, and I was fighting not to lose my lunch ! Lesson being that while the eyes may say yes, the rest of the body knows better.

After lunch we made a circuit of visiting a couple of nearby forest preserves, enjoying the day and trying to avoid chiggers. The colors are just getting started here , and it is a glorious time to live in the midwest ! It was decided while in the woods that dinner was going to be perfectly mature, intelligent and seasonal. Pumpkin doughnuts, split the two caramel apples 3 ways and a home made turtle. I believe we were drunk off the colors , the fresh air and the affects of the bad for you food at the buffet.

These are the apples in question. Somewhere beneath the chocolate and caramel and toffee and nuts lies actual apples. I cut these each into six slices and divided them in three pieces, along with giving everyone two iced donuts and a home made turtle. And then a miracle happened. I took as bite of the doughnut, a bite of the turtle and a bite of the apple and got sick. Nick, who is younger and has a digestive track of steel offered to eat mine. How kind. I stopped eating and started drinking a bunch of water to flush the junk out.

This morning I weighed myself and I am down another 1.4 pounds. Not official, but there it is. Go figure. Actually there are reasons for this , and I most likely will not see any bad affects till tomorrow. Lesson learned, and it is out of my system. Back on track and healthy eating returns ! More adventures planed for today, and I think lunch will be Subway or some other healthy choice. No more caramel apples !

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Keller said...

Di, why do you repeatedly do this to yourself? This on top of making a cake last week. It's no surprise you don't lose weight anymore like you did in the beginning. Didn't you lose 40+ pounds and then gain half of them back? Revisit what made you successful 3 or so years ago. - KK