Monday, October 25, 2010


Trying to implement an official exercise program this week that involves strength, cardio and flexibility. In the past it has been a very laid back kind of thing, and it can often get dropped in the quest to accomplish every other "must do" thing. If I treat it like a school course in importance, it will get done. Treating it as such will also make it easier to overcome my own discomforts , compounded with my son's distractions. It is one thing to motivate yourself, but a whole other level of something when you arr trying to do the same with others as well !

Once upon a time , before I was a mom and trying to become one, I lived in an old Victorian home that had all of the rooms connecting in a circle. Exercise was simple- decide to do it, turn on some music and walk for 45 minutes in the comfort of my home, any time of the day or night. Now it is a juggle to get the boy motivated, wait till the traffic from the people coming and going to work and school thins, not disturbing the neighbors,finding time to get to the forest and so many other distractions. I have really been struggling with this ! I have finally decided to forget attempting perfection and just do it. Walking the halls in the morning, Wii Fit balance mid morning, weight work after lunch and Wii Cycling in the afternoon. Not perfect, but right now something that can definitely done each day .


spunkysuzi said...

My moto is that any movement you can fit in is better than none!
Have a great day

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I like your spunk and determination to stay moving. It sounds like you have more challenges than most when figuring out the "whens" and "hows" of exercising. My biggest obstacle is the dogs in my neighborhood!