Sunday, March 18, 2012

So the snakes found you and whacked you with a Shillelagh

Yesterday was a busy day, and there was little opportunity to blog. It happens to us all ! Sadly it was not something fun like attending various St Pat's day celebrations. Those sorts of days are a thing of my past. The events were fun, but the morning after was not so much fun .One of the reasons  is that the alcohol had a long time to enter into my system without anything in my stomach to absorb all of those beers, shots, etc and slow the delivery to my bloodstream down. The other day I was reminded of this fact when I was watching something on Cooking Channel and watched a chef create a kind of end of the night dish. She called it something to stem off the midnight munchies, but I remembered the combo if fat, starch and protein would work very well to have a less painful morning after a night of indulgence with abandon. I do not have a name for it, but I can say this version is pretty yummy and fairly easy to make.
Late night Fries, eggs and Cheese

Handful of french fries( I made mine from scratch with a frier, but frozen in the oven may be safer)
handful shredded cheese ( mozzarella here)
2 eggs, sunny side up

Cook the fries and place in a bowl. While still warm , top with cheese. Fry two eggs, season and slide on top.

Keep in mind, this is not haute cuisine, nor is it necessarily diet food. It is simply comfort type grub that hill make for a morning with less whacks to the head from those snakes that St Pat drove out of Ireland. Snakes carrying rocks. Doing Irish Step Dancing. On your head. And in the meantime, I offer you this hangover blessing:

 Hangover Blessing
May the road stop rising to smack you,
 may the wind stop trying to take off the top of your head
the sun be gentle and stop frying your eyes
the rain stop being such a banging , banging drum
and until we meet again
May God turn the volume down in your head.

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