Friday, April 2, 2010

You only THINK this is what you are going to do today !

Ever have one of those days where you make plans and it seems that the whole world works to get you to change them ? Such was our day yesterday ! The plan was to go to the DMV so I could renew my license, then head over to the store to look for a new pair of shoes and other sort of uninteresting but necessary things. I heard what the weather was supposed to be like and I got this attack of irresponsibility that said "I don't want to be a grown up- I want to go play in the woods", and so we decided to head out to a new to us forest trail that leads to a waterfall. My glassess decided it was just too exciting and broke in excitement ! The temple piece sheared off, which is the universe's way of telling me "You will get in for an eye exam and new glasses NOW". Ugggh !

I wear glasses , but I hate wearing them ! I also have a serious thing about anything touching my actual eyes and a deep mistrust of lasik surgery , so I put up with them. I went through life fine until I was 16, forced to take Drivers Education as part of my public school education, went for my learners permit and discovered I had a vision problem. A visit to an eye doctor revealed I had astigmatism and no depth perception , as well as being nearsighted. I got my first pair of glasses, and with the sudden inclusion of the ability to judge distance, I spent a few weeks feeling seasick and about 6 feet taller than what I was. I tried to NOT wear the glasses at every opportunity possible, but eventually resolved myself to wear the darn things. I am terrible about routine eye exams ! I keep telling myself my vision is fine and it works till I break the frames. One time I was able to convince the eye department to just pop my old lenses into new frames, and that became my back up pair. Last pair I got were coated for non glare and I learned that I have something in my skin chemistry that eats away the coating, and it took 4 return visits to get them straightened out. My skin oil ate through the wire frames, they snapped and I have been wearing my back up pair for about 3 years now. The lenses in this pair are 20 yrs old. It's gonna be fun. I was able to glue the temple piece back on, went the day without my glasses , and decided to pay a visit to Visionworks on Monday to get new glasses. Nick will come for his very first Eye exam as well. He has eagle eyes, but considering both his dad and I wear glasses, odds are great that he will sometime in the future as well.

Breakfast was apple blueberry oats with goji berries and pumpkin seeds. Goji berries ( the red things) are an antioxidant that help boost immunity, circulation,protect eyesight and more. They have a semi sweet taste with a slight mild bite at the back.They are also called wolf berries, and are used often in Chinese medicine.

We headed out to the waterfall, but once there discovered that the trail was flooded. We had a very wet winter and a lot of rain in the past weeks, and several places have flooded as a result. Darn ! After some debate on what we should do instead, we headed to The National Shrine of St Theresa to walk their outdoor Stations of the Cross ( a Catholic devotional) and so Bob could get a needed item from their bookstore. Once there we discovered that the station area was filled with mole hills and fallen branches, so we did a slow sort of mosey and spent a lot of time watching chipmunks scurrying to feed their young and semi religious geese protesting our proximity to their nests. Critics !!!

Lunch wound up once again out and at sweet tomatoes. This time pictures

I call this Mount Green with romaine, baby spinach, zucchini, red onions, butternut squash, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, red beans , garbanzo beans , black olives, raisins and sunflower seeds. I am really changing ! Some people drool when they pass a bakery- I drool and want to jump in whenever I see any veggie !!

Second plate with a sampling of a few of the current signature salads- Joanne's Broccoli madness, Chicken Won ton Happiness, Citrus whole wheat pasta salad, French Bistro salad and another one I cannot recall the name of. All of them are SOOOOOOO good !

We made our way back home as Bob had to go sing at the Holy Thursday services. We were all too full for dinner ( again) but knew he had to eat something to get him through the evening, so about dinnertime we all opted once again for yogurt, blueberries, seeds and granola
In the evening Bob was off to sing, Nick decided to watch the Holy Thursday services on EWTN as well as their numerous reflection type programs and I took advantage of the time to do some of my distance Reiki work. Afterwords, I considered for a moment how odd our household is . Nick has said in the past that he wants to be a Minister ( and in the very next breath say that he wants to be a game designer or a chef), and I am beginning to think that he may indeed go into ministry in some capacity. He has a great respect and sensitivity to all things spiritual ( advantage of living in a mixed faith household I believe), and has a very high level of compassion for all living things. He was the one who suggested we head to the Shrine yesterday , and it was his decision to tune into mass on TV. He was offered the opportunity to go , but because Bob's choir rehearses before the service it makes for a long evening , so he opted to observe in his own way. I finished my work before the service ended, and he asked me different questions about symbolic gestures and such of the service as it unfolded, and I explained to him the why and meanings of them. I did a lot of studying of Catholicism before Bob's ordination, and it's good to have those details stored in my memory bank.

Today there are no plans for anything other than Good Friday service and a sacred concert, so the day will be a little more back to normal with eating.

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spunkysuzi said...

A lot of the trail around here are pure mud as well :(
Have a great Easter weekend! I'm working all weekend but i'm looking forward to relaxing on Monday :)