Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Salads and milestones

I was just reviewing the meal plan for tomorrow, and noticed that it will be a kind of chef salad for us all. My, what a change this is from six months ago ! Six months ago it would have been a polish sausage on a deli roll for DH, a box of mac and cheese for my son and probably pick at whatever was left over for me. DH would not consider chef salad a meal, and son would not eat anything green without major prodding.

Now, 5 months into the journey, chef salads are a normal part of the menu. With an assortment of greens, bell peppers, onions, cucumbers, seeds, nuts and meat. For the guys it is moc crab, but for me it will be chicken. Big change. And what has it gotten us ?

100 pounds lighter as a family.

This weekend, providing we can all lose a total of at least 2.1 pounds, we will cross the 100 pound weight loss level. It seems hard to believe in many ways. Gone are the Saturday morning pancake and/ or cinnabon meals. Gone is the mentality that a one pound box of pasta is a single meal for three. Gone is the need to make two loaves of bread every day plus english muffins each week. Gone as well are things like sleep apnea, acid reflux, bowel problems, shortness of breath, serious joint pain and so much more.

In my book, 100 pounds lost has made for an incredible gain !

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