Monday, May 12, 2008

The Day after

Had a wonderful time at the annual family Mother's Day gathering, seeing many of the family for the first time since Thanksgiving of last year. The weight loss is very obvious now, and it is always fun to get those "Gosh you look great !" kind of comments. Mom is slipping further into Dementia, and she is sadly now to the point where she cannot remember how to open a card or a package.

One disadvantage with big family gatherings is that food is served that is cheap , filling, and pretty far removed from healthy. It simply has to be when you wind up trying to feed 60 people while on a budget. The meal was potato salad, macaroni salad, sloppy joes and Hawaiian salad- a mix of mini marshmellows, fruit coctail and sour cream. All kid friendly dishes , but all high in fat and unrefined carbs. We have not eaten that way in almost 6 months, and sadly my stomach made it known in no uncertain terms. Heartburn for dessert it seems ! We tried to make the rest of the meals for the day very low in points to compensate, so hopefully the scale will not show a gain next Saturday. I think I am going to need to carry Tums to other family gatherings !

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