Friday, March 25, 2011

Shakin the tree

Sill here, still plugging away at family history. One month turned into 2 months, the job is still not finished, and I am being blown away every day by the finds. Blown away in a good way, and blown away in a very disturbed way- like discovering that several of my Great Grandfathers wound up captured by the Iroquois, tortured, killed and then EATEN by them . ( It was their way, and how they believed to absorb the life energy of the person in payment for a wrong done to the tribal family). This may be the best weight loss discovery, for since I learned this fact I have not had much of an appetite for anything else. However, my family still has an appetite, so I cook for them . My clothes are getting looser , but I have not stepped on the scale. I really do not care what it says. Food has kind of fallen into a happy rut - Saturday mornings we have sourdough waffles and bacon, Sundays are eggs and some form of meat, Saturday afternoons are Chinese take out ( the most affordable, most real food filled  fast food option for a busy day), Sunday is roast brined chicken  and then bone broth is made from the carcass as well as chicken salad for sandwiches during the week. Lots of soaked oatmeal and egg breakfasts and home made soup with sandwiches made on soaked flour bread for lunches.

Nick , who turns 19 in a few days, seems to be on the verge of a growth spurt these days. His appetite has become amazing ( he has gained some weight, but it has always been that he gets rounder than higher), and I can hear his stomach growling several times during the day. He grabs fists full of raw vegetables, cheese, hardboiled eggs, homemade soaked granola bars and almost always has seconds at every meal. However, he has become more and more conversational , sharper in the critical thinking skills and has the upper arm strength of Atlas. I am not going to worry about his weight, as he is growing more and more functional every day. That will serve him a lot more than fitting in a size 34 jeans ever will.

Hopefully I can finish this project in the next week or two and life will get back to normal- whatever that is !


Marisa @Loser for Life said...

I was thinking of you the other day, Diane! Glad all is well and you are enjoying looking into your family history!

Baby Stepping said...

Hi Di, I've been sidetracked lately too. How cool that you are researching your family history - but, oh my, what discoveries you are making!