Thursday, February 3, 2011

Real Food

So where do we go from here ?
That does indeed seem to be the big question. I am convinced that the current model of "healthy" eating is the quickest route to overall poor health and serious disease. I am also convinced that 99 percent of what fills our supermarket shelves is more lab experiment than food and does nothing to nourish any living being. When you come to these conclusions, what do you do ?

You learn to cook. Not how to open and combine various cans and packages to create something to feed, but legitimately cook from scratch using real ingredients. No egg beaters, egg white only, vegetable oils, fat free or low fat anything. Legitimate food involving things like real eggs, butter, whole milk, actual vegetables and flours. Meats that still look like the animal they have come from, with the skin and bone still in tact.

It is beginning to become a lost art. There are cookbooks, websites with recipes, cooking networks, but very little real food  is being produced in these. If it involves a can of anything or a carton of something labeled as "stock", its not real food. Many of the skills that go into creating real food are quickly being lost. Take for example making a gelatine salad. If you were in a kitchen without Jello and  or Knox gelatine, would you know how to make it ? ( It involves a calves foot). If making a cake, do you know how without the aid of a box mix ? Can you make a cheese sauce from milk, butter, flour and cheese to top pasta or a vegetable ? Many do not, and modern cookbooks ignore such basic information.

My intention is to get back to basics in all things. To create real, nourishing foods to feed my family. Since we have abandoned the scale in favor of real food , we have all seen and felt great improvements in our health, but I can do better. There are still a few processed food products in our home , and I am going to part company with these. To aid me in the process , I obtained a copy of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook by Fannie Farmer Merrit from 1916- created back in a day when processed food did not exist. I plan on learning or reclaiming a lot of old skills and sharing them in the process.

Real food for real people- that's how it was meant to be.


Marisa @Loser for Life said...

You are on such an interesting journey, Diane! I love reading about it! I'd really like to hear more about the improvements in your health by eating this way. Have you seen any differences in Nick, too?

Di said...

Nick's difference has been the most profound. He has suddenly become emotionally intelligent- understanding the subtle nuances of social clues and communications, suddenly able to make intelligent jokes, a greater sense of empathy and overnight comprehends higher forms of math. The first couple are things that Autistic children struggle greatly with. Size wise he remains the same, but with eating more calorie wise. Skim milk , nonfat milk , yogurt and cheese has been replaced with full fat . Snacks of fruit and veggies have been replaced with things like hard boiled eggs, liver pate and meat cubes. In his case protein is the thing he craves, and the inclusion of saturated animal fats seem to address the neurological needs. It's funny, but fatty acid supplements ( Evening primrose oil) was what brought him out of the darkest places with autism and animal fats seem bring about an equally marked improvement.Had I known when I was trying to get pregnant with him that I know now, I would have done a lot of things very different !

Baby Stepping said...

Ah well, the lesson comes when the student is ready to receive it. It must really warm your heart to see all of the great benefits for Nick.


spunkysuzi said...

It's very interesting to hear about the changes! You are on a great journey Di, and thank you for taking us along.

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

I look forward to you using that cookbook and sharing it with us. I really commend you for tossing the scale and just getting healthy