Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog could notee his shadow through the drifts

All day yesterday, the forecast was for "snowmageddon". Something that the weather people have loved to predict here every time a gray cloud  comes within 40 miles of Lake Michigan  this year. Perhaps they long for heavy dramatic role, perhaps they feel the pressure to compete with so much bad news of late. Who knows- but after a while you begin to feel the need to scream at them and demand "just the facts , please". Yesterday afternoon brought a few flakes, a lot of cold air, and heavy grey skies. Then about 3 pm, it all turned to a shower of white. By 11:30 pm, this was the view out my window

in the morning, things looked like this

and this

Later the plows started to come through and the great unburying took place. Some seemed to get a late start and may be buried in the snow till May

Meanwhile, the children jumped for joy at a snow day today , and another one tomorrow. Sub Zero temperatures are moving in , which will turn the snow to ice. Some side streets will not be cleared for days. This matters little to kids, who take these storms as an opportunity to build snowmen

I am noticing that kids seem to have forgotten the process of rolling balls to form snowmen anymore. It's just push the snow together and decorate it. The result is the above Jabba the Snow Hutt !

Meanwhile  inside, I spent the day making bread, bone broth and just enjoying the company of my hubby, who's buisness was closed for the day.


spunkysuzi said...

We got hit with the snow as well!

Dutch said...

I think that snowman is so cute. My hubby & I just drove around to pick up movies & there were a bunch of kids having a great time on the big hill in town. I should have taken a picture.

Baby Stepping said...

That is one cool snowman. At least in this age of technology, kids can still find joy in a snow day. As far as I am concerned, if we have only 6 more weeks of winter, that IS and early spring. LOL!