Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm back !

Sorry for the very long break, but it has been a sort of exciting summer. Biggest news is that we have moved into a new place that is on the first floor and has many things to absolutely adore about it. Here is a peek at my new kitchen - it is small but extremely efficiant !
The closet that lies behind I am using as a pantry- something that I have wanted for many years. While at first it struck me as tragically small, once I got a moment to sit and think about how to best use the space, I grew to love it ! The complex has a health club, plenty of sidewalks to wander , and is adjacent to one of the longest bike paths in Northern Illinois. Good things will happen here.


Jane Cartelli said...

Welcome back!


Sally said...

Great to have you back. I was wondering what had happened and if everything was OK. Love and light to you all in your new home :-) xx

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Hi Diane!!!! So glad you're back!!

Rachelle said...

Great to hear from you! Look forward to reading your blogs.